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Elemis Deep Tissue Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder

30 Minutes - £30.00

Full Body

60 Minutes - £48.00

Focusing to relieve specific stress and muscle tension, this deep pressure message gives the whole body a vigorous workout.

Elemis Stress Away Aroma-Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder

30 Minutes - £27.00

Full Body

60 Minutes - £45.00

Bring your body and emotion into total equilibrium with this soothing and relaxing massage.


Back, Neck and Shoulder

30 Minutes - £25.00

Full Body

60 Minutes - £40.00

75 Minutes - £45.00

Aromatherapy massages tailored to suit your needs. Great for easing stress, recharging your batteries or sheer indulgent pampering. A personalised blend of aromatic oils firm, detoxify and relax the body as they are massaged into the skin.

Swedish Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder

30 Minutes - £25.00

Full Body

60 Minutes - £40.00

75 Minutes - £45.00

Incorporating pressure points and deep tissue massage techniques, these harmonising body massages soothe and calm the mind, releasing muscular tension and restoring positive energy.

Hot Stone Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder

30 Minutes - £29.00

Full Body

75 Minutes - £50.00

Therapeutic treatment using hot volcanic stones and pressure to penetrate warmth deep into the muscles.


Foot Relief

30 Minutes - £25.00

This revitalising treatment begins with an aromatherapy oil footbath and is followed by a lower leg & foot massage making it the perfect treatment for tired, aching legs.

Indian Head Massage

30 Minutes - £25.00

A superb treatment to promote a feeling of calm, balance and wellbeing throughout the body. Pre-blended oils are used to give a deep scalp, neck and shoulder massage, focusing on acupressure points. Promotes a feeling of balance within the body and mind as well as enhancing hair growth

Back Relief Treatment

30 Minutes - £25.00

Exfoliation followed with a deep massage. Soothe and smooth away stress and tension from this hard to reach area with this relaxing treatment relax.

Purifying Back Treatment

45 Minutes - £29.00

This treatment is ideal for removing excess oil and congestion from your back, shoulders and upper arms. After the back is deep-cleansed, exfoliated and treated to a purifying mask, an intense back, shoulder and upper arm massage eases stress, revives fatigued muscles and rejuvenates the body.


60 Minutes - £40.00

Reflexology is a complimentary therapy involving the treatment of various disorders by applying gentle pressure to the feet. The therapeutic foot massage is a supremely effective holistic method of healing. Precise areas of the feet (or reflex points) relate to particular parts of the body and when gentle pressure is applied to these points a number of ailments can be relieved.

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes - £46.00

Specific pre-natal techniques leave you feeling totally relaxed.

Hopi Ear Candles

45 Minutes - £28.00

Gentle and relaxing treatment. Hollow tubes, infused with oils, softens the wax and draws it into the base of the candle.

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